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Learn Typing Fast With 10 Fingers

Learn Typing Fast With 10 Fingers

one of the things that inspire every one to type 10 fingers of the footage is a film, the film was shown a distinguished figure with his finger typing without looking at the keyboard, his fingers danced over the keyboard like an expert cook is making dough, or as pilot who was controlling the aircraft. He enjoyed by typing very fast as his eyes focused only on the monitor screen and cool his brain to think to solve a confidential code. From the start of the film arises from my heart desires most to begin to learn typing in 10 fingers. At that time my self-taught, with the help of some supporting software to learn typing 10 fingers. Read computer tutorial and type it is the best practice to get the most typing speed.

In this blog I just wanted to share an interesting experience I was typing my 10 fingers, at the beginning it was difficult and tedious, but klo we want to be patient, trying and never give up, surely we can do it. And do not forget, we will use this knowledge to the future for ever and ever. Here I will review on a keyboard charts which we will learn later. Learn typing fast to increase average typing speed perminute is the best practice to increase experience in typing and get fastest typing speed around the world

You still type with 2 fingers of your index? Obviously you want not to use all your fingers to type for all your tasks can be finished quickly without having to spend time to type using 2 your index finger. You can use all your fingers well in typing. In this article will discuss learning typing fast with 10 fingers, so that makes you be much faster in completing your task that has been pursued time. The general achievement is world recordtyping speed.

Here we will clarify the techniques of learning typing fast with 10 fingers on your computer:

  1. The second place your index finger on the letter F and the letter J, on the second letter there is a bulge point to help us find the starting position putting our fingers on the keys of the keyboard.
  2. Place the left middle finger over the letter D and the right middle finger over the letter K
  3. Place the left ring finger over the letter S and right ring finger over the letter L
  4. Place the little finger on the letter A and the right little finger over the letter; (semicolon)
  5. Second place the thumb is above the space, alternately pressing the space bar

Do it repeatedly typing asdf and JKL; will help you speed up training 10 fingers typing on your computer. Hopefully this article can help you so that you do not trouble again in the typing so that your employment will be quickly resolved. And until the first article here to learn fast typing with 10 fingers hopefully this article useful to you.

Learn Typing Fast With 10 Fingers