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Computer Applications

Computer Applications

In this article will explain about understanding computer applications and the types of application. In this development of information technology everyone must familiar using computers, the computer has important applications in helping users accomplish a task. Computer Application is a computer program written in a programming language and is used to solve a specific problem. This application serves to perform jobs according to user needs. Understanding computer application from free computer tutorial is the best ways to learn a complate knowledge of computer.


Types of computer applications

Various type of computer hardware and software is determine the development of information technology, computer hardware and computer application is very advanced. Computer Application could be define in the some categories. Research in computer science is decided into basic research and applied research in computer science. This research ic


Computer Networking is the coordination of communication within a particular system between central (server) and some of its members. Network Topology is the pattern of relationships between a terminal in a computer network, there are various types of network topology.


Many types of computers with difference graph applications. Computer graphics applications beginning of its development began in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a computer program used to draw a picture that gives a new dimension in the field of computer time. There are two obvious ways to enter information into the computer graphics into an application, namely:

  1. Direct Graphics Programming, by writing into the programming language.
  2. Digitizing (or Graphics) Tablets, by using the mouse.


Each computers may be have difference specification, so the choosing computer components must be carefully. It is a form of art that appear spontaneously generate life movement on an object. To achieve these effects, animators have to construct a series of frames / images of a subject, that each of the next frame is slightly different from the previous frame. Animation is one of computer applications which intended to give more interesting when using computer.

Computer with a lot of animation is run slow than poor of animation, so it must increase computer performance for which use many animation. There are actually several different functions to produce computer-based animation and one thereof is an animated three-dimensional (3D). One rather than the technique is to create an object which is then adjusted and moved, in which ultimately will produce a complete 3D animation. Another function is to create computer animations using a standard computer paint tools to paint the frames a single prior to the merger. This is then stored as an image file.


Web applications is a part of computer applications, but web application is related to LAN MAN WAN concept Is part of the internet as a community computer network that provides services http (world wide web). Thus, the technical definition of the world wide web is all the resources and all the internet users that use HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). WWW is the most exciting applications on the Internet and applications such as email is very important and widely used. This application is sometimes called "The Killer Application" or "the world is at your fingertip" because we can get so easy to notice with not just text and even images, and multimedia. Every computer have a CPU as main brain, one of main components of a cpu is for support the web applications and computer development.

In this application a lot of convenience that can be done such as:

  • ordered or purchased an item online
  • register online
  • reached multimedia, etc

Network technology both cabling or wireless issues bought us connect every whare. Notices are placed on the WWW called "HomePage" and every home page has the address of each. In order to attract users' attention so that the homepage can be visited, then we have them shape it interesting and there are many clear edict. In this field of art is necessary, so that the world of advertising and commerce world, the better. The computer applications especially web application most commonly used browser today is Netscape Navigator in the world other than Internet Explorer. Web application be the largest used application because the role of internet history. Without internet web application could not interact with people.


  • Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI). Computers are directly used in the learning process, as a substitute teacher or a book. Some CAI applications are: Drill and Practice, Tutorials, Simulation.
  • Computer Managed Instruction (CMI). The teachers use computers to plan for college, the students adapted to the conditions, which consisted of computer-assisted learning programs, reading, and exams.
  • Computer Assisted Testing (CAT). Computers are used as test media. Many forms, ranging from simple where the computer (usually through the display) is used as a substitute for examination questions in paper form, to the more advanced form, where the ability of computers used to explore students' abilities in ways actively questioning.


Another computer applications is office application, this applications is used for business purpose. Every business, large or small, to process large amounts of data in daily operations. Data obtained from the payroll, customer invoicing and financial accounts, inventory management, and account customers that all fees must be calculated, stored, classified, sorted, diretriev, processed again, reported, communicated and disseminated at a time. Processing of such data is known as Business Data Processing or Data Processing (DP). If the processing is done by computer, this is known as Electronic Data Processing (EDP). Now every office's employee must could operate computer, so they must know how to use computer to make thier job easy.

DBMS (Data Base Management System)

Computers also can be used as Effective in business management. Through a computerized database management system (DBMS) and the SIM, a manager or company executive can be assisted in making decisions about the entire business operation and to provide guidance and instructions to subordinates. DBMS types which common used nowdays is relational database and RDBMS concept.


  • Air Traffic Control System
  • Airline Reservation Systems

There are so many computer applications, Every applications have a unique function and specification. Everyone could use computer or explore cpu architecture easily by learning computer tutorial.

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