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How to Hack Microtik Hotspot | Tutorial-Computer.Com
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How to Hack Microtik Hotspot

Many organization and company still use microtik hotspot for their media for acces internet. How to hack microtik hotspot for free internet. One more way to surf for free is to hack mikrotik hotspot. Actually this way is stale, but because I have just practicing so I wrote the steps. In addition to considering if it can not forget to share for others, who may not know or still do not understand. Usually when we connect with the hotspot mikrotik then we will be faced with a menu mikrotik login before we can browse. There are simple step to know how to hack microtik hotspot, everyone can do it. Free computer tutorial about how to hack microtik hotspot is very benefit for network administrator and network engineer to avoid hacking in microtik hotspot.

This method is to "by-pass" mikrotik login, actually more appropriate if the client is called cloning. The point is we do not have to login to be able to browse, because the target has been logged. We as a clone it so no need to login. This trick can only run for a client that we clone still connect to hotspots.This hacking could be called hacking lan, but in wireless area. below is the step by step how to hack microtik hotspot in LAN to get admin password so you can get free internet browsing.

Step by Step hack microtik hotspot

  • First,Download Netcut program "You can find it in google", this program is to find the MAC address that is connected with us.
  • Connect your computer with a mikrotik hotspot
  • Run the program Netcut
  • Select LAN Card / NIC that we use by clicking the menu NetCard Choice

NetCard Menu

  • Then click OK back to the main screen, select one of the network is connected. Certainly not our networks or network servers.

Netcard Menu2

  • Copy the IP address and MAC address, can also by clicking PrintTable then block and copy and paste into notepad to the next step.

Netcard Menu3

  • Once pasted on the notepad next step to edit the MAC address, in this example [00:26:5 E: 60:81:1 C]. Remove the [:] to become 00265E60811C. This value we will use to change our MAC address.
  • Next we used to disable the wireless LAN. Then open the properties of wireless LAN and change the value of Local Administration MAC Network, default empty. Fill with values before, in this example 00265E60811C

ralink turbo wireless lan card properties

  • Then we set our IP wireless LAN with the same IP is and the contents are also DNS server address.
  • Internet Protocol Properties

    For the DNS server address can be checked before we change MAC and IP. So the first time we connect to the hotspot, by typing the command from a command prompt

    C:> ipconfig / all

  • The final step is to re-enable the wireless LAN. Now we can browse without having permission to have a hotspot.
  • The result is look like figure below


Before Cloning


hack microtik hotspot after cloning

This hacking tutorial just for everyone who lazy to ask administrator password.  May be this article about how to hack microtik hotspot can be usefull for anyone. Increase your hacking science by reading hack facebook with keylogger article.

How to Hack Microtik Hotspot | Tutorial-Computer.Com